Introducing RUSTIQ

Winsley’s Farm Fitness Community.


Based within a beautiful farm in the heart of Wiltshire, RUSTIQ is a brand new fitness community for Winsley, Bradford on Avon, Bath and the surrounding areas.

Founded by Fran and Arron, 2 passionate, experienced and knowledgeable trainers with a wealth of qualifications across all areas of fitness and supported by some of the best trainers in the area, RUSTIQ is committed to providing enjoyable and effective workouts in a unique way.

True to its name, RUSTIQ takes exercise back to the bare basics, this is through everything from the equipment, much of it repurposed elements from around the farm, such as old tractor tyres, sand bags and drums, through to the raw and spacious farm yard and fields where the various classes are held.

With a range of exercises throughout the week, varying between Yard, our high reps and aerobic based “farm style” bootcamps, through to lower rep, heavier weight workouts in Grip and ending the week with Combine, our HIIT calories burning Saturday classes, we ensure that you get a fully balanced workout week that is designed to improve every area of your physical fitness.  With 3 class times a day Monday to Friday, there are times to suit everyone.

A bit about our founders:


Fran’s story

After spending 10 years in Madrid, where I met my wife Becky, we decided to settle down in Winsley (where Becky comes from) in 2015. Having lived much of my life in such a big urban city, I found coming to this area an exciting adventure and the start of a completely new chapter to my life.

I’m originally from Venezuela, a South-American country full of beauties and rich natural resources. I’m lucky enough to have been born in a place where we have amazing beaches on the Caribbean Sea, impressive mountains at the north side of The Andes and incredible natural features such as: the Catatumbo Lighting, the Maracaibo Lake or the Angel’s Falls. Despite this, I’ve always been a city boy used to living the modern way of living and enjoying all the advantages of technology.

After a few years of living here in Wiltshire and exploring the public footpaths and fields, I learned to reconnect with nature and enjoy the simple life, through country walks, runs and even having some wild swims with my wife, my dog and family.

Being based on a farm gives me the opportunity to have a break from the modern world and go back to basics either exercising, helping my father-in-law with sheep or just breathing in the fresh air. This is what prompted us to start RUSTIQ. We feel that there is no fitness experience like this in the area.


Arron’s story

Having been a personal trainer and lifestyle coach for over 14 years I have been fortunate to gain a wealth of experience across many areas of fitness, health and wellbeing. I was the head Personal Trainer and gym manager for Babington House (Soho House Group) for over 10 years, working with high net worth clients from film stars to CEOs and gaining valuable experience along the way.  Alongside this I have been studying Chinese Medicine and Eastern wellness practices for the last 8 years and take this into my approach with clients. 

I opened my first gym in Bath in 2016 and after its success opened a  second one just two years later in 2018, I have seen what works for each individual and recognise the importance of a tailored and balanced approach to exercise, nutrition, recovery movements and breath work and lifestyle.

Born and raised in the Bath area but having been fortunate to live and work in fitness across the world including Kenya, Ibiza and Greece, I know the importance and benefits of providing exercise in a way that appeals to the individual, that is why RUSTIQ is such a great thing to be part of, as being the only fitness community in the area to offer great training on a stunning farm with a range of classes in the great outdoors, it is something really special and unique.


Why not come try us out, with flexible payments and membership options there is no better time to join us than today!

If you want to get started, have any questions, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to visit or drop us a mail!

Church Farm,
BA15 2JH,