Fitness On A Working Wiltshire Farm



Based on a beautiful farm in Winsley, between Bradford on Avon and Bath, RUSTIQ Fitness provides group training in a way like no other.

With the leading trainers in the area, you will be sure to get a fun and effective workout in a truly unique and beautiful setting.




“Really enjoying the classes at the farm. Varied, fun, challenging, and outdoors!! When dry. Love being outside and doing something different than the typical gym experience. Highly recommended!”

Tim, 2019


“I’ve worked with Fran on a ten week strength and mobility course. The outdoor/indoor space is well equipped and the prices are great value. I’d highly recommend! Thanks Fran and the team behind Rustiq!”

Owen, 2020


“I have been training with Fran for 6 months and just want to thank him for bringing my fitness levels back! I feel like I’ve turned back time and I’m loving feeling the spring in my step. Training at the farm (even in the cold of winter) is invigorating and frankly good for my mental health. Not being stuck in a building feels great and I always leave a training session with a smile on my face. Thank you so much for looking after me and bringing me from couch to fitness in a controlled way – yet encouraging me always to do that little bit more.”

Annette, 2020


“My wife, daughter and I have been attending fitness classes with Fran, Flora and Ro throughout 2020 and I have to say that they are absolutely fantastic. They are all very friendly and knowledgeable and really motivate you to get the most out of your training. They have been a life saver throughout the pandemic and our fitness has come on leaps and bounds. The whole Rustiq team focus on functional fitness and always ensure that the fitness sessions are different and interesting. I have attended gyms throughout my life, but I find the Rustiq training sessions far more interesting and I always push myself more because of the additional motivation provided by the group sessions and the trainers. No more gyms for me – I’ll be sticking to the Rustiq fitness sessions in future!”

Steve, 2020



Our group-based classes are led by experienced and considerate trainers. These are consistently changing to deliver a fully balanced exercise routine for the week.

Each session is 50 mins long, which includes a warm up that mobilises and prepares you for the workout and a thorough cool down. Suitable for all ages and levels, we pride ourselves on catering for as many people as possible.



Unique ‘Farm style’ bootcamps, working with light to moderate resistance. Build aerobic capacity, strength-endurance and agility.



Focusing on compound movements using moderate to heavy resistance. Building strength and power working at a moderate intensity and slower tempo.

RUSTIQ Combine


High intensity workout sessions mixing strength and cardio, where you will improve your overall fitness and performance while burning some serious amount of calories.



Low intensity and low impact class, focusing on improving flexibility and mobility through different movements and static positions.



Low intensity workout sessions, design to ease in new mums back into exercise. You will be able to train and bring your baby with you!



Aiming to improve movement patterns, mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. We really believe these sessions will increase confidence, improve fitness and build self-esteem.



With over 10 year industry experience and knowledge in as a trainer across the world, Fran is a highly qualified and passionate about strength, conditioning and rehabilitation.

He uses his expertise to help you reach your goals.



With 13 years in the industry Arron has trained film stars, athletes and clients across the world. He will use his wealth of experience and knowledge to give you a totally balanced workout.

Get ready to work hard to play hard.



Lauren wants to help others fuel and move their bodies in more balanced ways in order to feel more fulfilled and confident!

Her positive, personable approach will help you achieve and sustain your health and fitness goals.



Chloe’s passion has always been improving the health and wellbeing of people. Highly skilled and experienced, she has worked in the military sector.

Whether it will be for strength and conditioning, military training, fat loss or injury rehabilitation, she will make sure you’re training to your full potential.


2020… A different year!

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Joining our flock, our collaboration with Bradford-On-Avon RFC

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to get in touch with our local Rugby club, getting into a collaboration to help them with their Strength and Conditioning. We are very excited to be part of this project to train the first team and increase their fitness levels, prevent and rehabilitate injuries, as well as…

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Introducing RUSTIQ

Winsley’s Farm Fitness Community.   Based within a beautiful farm in the heart of Wiltshire, RUSTIQ is a brand new fitness community for Winsley, Bradford on Avon, Bath and the surrounding areas. Founded by Fran and Arron, 2 passionate, experienced and knowledgeable trainers with a wealth of qualifications across all areas of fitness and supported…

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If you want to get started, have any questions, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to visit or drop us a mail!

Church Farm,
BA15 2JH,